Be part of the 1000+ students who witnessed a jump in their A-level grades!

Dr. Cass Munshi has over 21 years of teaching experience with unique learning teachniques!

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In my Math classes, I focus on students’ efforts towards acquiring deep understanding of the necessary mathematical and statistical concepts.

Mathematics develops an ability to reason and understand through an abstract language


Chemistry develops an ability to explore deeply and to visualise things you cannot see

In my Chemistry classes, I encourage students to think through the reasons behind chemical processes, so that they may better apply them to novel situations.


Physics develops an ability to solve problems by modelling real life phenomena

In my Physics classes, I focus students’ efforts on identifying the appropriate concepts and mathematical equations that can best represent physical situations.


Enquires for Trial Classes

Students, if you’re unsure if my classes are suitable and effective, you may sign up for a free trial class, with no obligations. Feel free to send me a text on WhatsApp for details of these trial classes.

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